Dharma Talks at Reading International Solidarity Centre (RISC)

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We are human beings and we have to try and survive in this world. Our external environment and the situations that arise on a daily basis are largely out of our control. But how we react to events and mould the future is entirely optional. In the short term the Buddhist teachings can reduce anger and other volatile, irrational actions. In the medium term it can bring a complete view change regarding others, oneself and reality. In the long term one can realise the ultimate truth, going on to benefit all beings, the by product of which is the real happiness we are all looking for.

Please come and see if this is a path you could use. The first talk will have advice for meditation that is well known for improving concentration, memory, sleep patterns & patience.

The weekly public talks will be held at RISC, London Road, Reading town centre in the evening probably a Tuesday. There will be no admission charge but if you would like to make a small contribution towards the costs you may.

Talks will be given on behalf Sakya Ling Buddhist Centre, please contact us if you would  interested.

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