Meditation Matters – Original Buddhist Meditation Lessons

Thank You for visiting the Sakya Ling Website. Sakya Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist centre which functions for the long term benefit of all beings. Meditation is a fundamental part of the Buddhist teachings because without it there is no way one can bring about lasting changes. The changes we need to make to find real happiness instead of the temporary pleasures we have at the moment.

Meditation allows a deeper understanding of things and the mind itself and this brings a natural happiness which is not contrived or premeditated, it is just meditated.   Our normal way of thinking cannot do this.

A free course of 8 meditation lessons will begin 1st Feb. We would be pleased if you can join us and please forward to anyone you think might benefit. If you are able to attend please leave a note here or on our facebook group page to give us some idea of numbers.

The talks will be held each Wednesday evening in Febuary & March from 7.30pm to 9pm. First Talk is Wednesday 1st February 2012 in Room 3.

Full schedule:

Wednesday 1st Feb -Room 3  (Meditation of the view of truth)
Wednesday 8th Feb -the conference hall  (Meditation of the view of true intention)
Wednesday 15th Feb – Room 1,  (Meditation of the view of true speech)
Wednesday 22nd February – Room 1, (Meditation of the view of true action)
Wednesday 29th February – Room 1, (Meditation of the view of true livelihood)
Wednesday 7th March – Room 1, (Meditation of the view of right effort)
Wednesday 14th March – Room 2 (Meditation of the view of true mindfulness)
Wednesday 21st March – Room 2 (Meditation of right concentration)

RISC (Reading International Solidarity Centre)
35-39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS

These lessons are free but if you would like to make a contribution towards the costs on the night you may.

Yours in Dharma