This page will feature teachings. Your requests for particular teachings are welcome and we will look to post on the site, alternatively if there is sufficient demand we will be pleased to cater for face-to-face group teachings or discussions.

Beginners teaching on the requirement to practice calm-abiding meditation. Kindly contributed by Gary Martin.

It seems like we are all different, unique and this leads to differences of opinion. But actually we all have a very important thing in common, we all wish to be happy. Everything we do without exception is for happiness. Even people who do bad things are looking for happiness. When you realise this on a natural spontaneous level you will find what happens in this world and beyond easier to understand.

So what we do is let go of our views tainted by our discrimination and support states of mind that are real, in tune with what is really happening here. For this to happen meditation is required, because just wishing to make ones mind more wise is not enough. It is like washing a dirty white shirt, you can’t just run it under the tap, it needs to be soaked in hot soapy water or a washing machine. In the same way there is no quick way to remove the ingress from your mind. It is deep and it colours everything we do at the moment. So a sustained happiness can be found but we need to make some healthy changes. Thoughts are like food, you are free to eat or think whatever you want, some foods and thoughts bring quick pleasure but are ultimately harmful, some are wholesome and bring good effects. The condition of your mind and body depend upon what you think.

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  1. I would like to join a group for meditation and to learn properly how to deal with negative energy? Please help? Thank you.

  2. hi,

    myself and a friend of mine are interested in an introduction. could you please send me the details.

    look forward to it.

  3. Hi there,
    I would like to join and practice Buddhism, but I have no knowledge where to begin. Please advice if there is a Place in Reading, Berks where I could meet Begginers and those who are already been trained.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks and Best Wishes

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